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Instructions of how to operate the New OCA Vacuum laminator

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Direct Pressure Vacuum Laminating Machine Instructions




Chapter one  Safety Guidelines

Chapter two  Device Specifications

Chapter three  Operation and debug

Chapter four  Device FAQ




Chapter one  Safety Guidelines

Please read the following instructions before you start to operate :

1.1: Input voltage AC220V, Be sure to pay attention to electrical safety

1.2: This machine will use Pneumatic Pressure 0.4--0.8MPa .The machine won’t work properly or even be damaged under any over high or over low pneumatic pressure

1. 3: Negative pneumatic pressure limit -0.1MPa ,the machine won’t work properly or even de damaged under any over high negative pneumatic pressure .The normal value for negative pneumatic pressure is between (-0.08---0.1MPa)

1. 4 : Please ensure that there won’t be any dirt fallen into the vacuum chamber ,otherwise it will cause the chamber can not be sealed tightly and the device won’t operate properly then .

1.5 :The debug and operation of this device only need one person one machine ,or it will do harm to the operator .













Chapter Two  Machine Specifications

      Machine size

Length :400mmxWidth:350mmx Height :320mm

Weight :17kg

Voltage :220V

Pneumatic Pressure :0.4—0.8MPa

Negative Pneumatic Pressure :Limited negative pneumatic pressure -0.1MPa


   Chapter Three Operation and Debug


picture 1picture2picture 3

picture 4picture 5picture 6


3.1 Connect to the 220V power ,picture 1 

3.2 Connect the vacuum pump power to the backward Triangle socket of this device ,picture 2 

3.3 Connect the white windpipe to the air compressor (picture 3)

3.4 Connect the blue windpipe to the suction port of the vacuum pump (picture 4)

3.5 Adjust the extraction vacuum time (on the left side ) available between 0—30 seconds (picture 5)

3.6 Adjust the lamination time (in the middle) available between 0-30 seconds (picture 6

3.7 Adjust the releasing vacuum time (right side) available between 0—30 seconds (picture 7)

Picture7       picture 8 

picture 9 picture 10


3.8 Adjust vacuum chamber pressure around 2kg/cm2 (picture 8)

3.9 Adjust lamination pressure ,around 4kg/cm2 , different touch screen different pressure (picture 9)

3.10 Press the right and left buttons at the same time (picture 10)

Then machine will work properly






Chapter  Four  Device FAQ



Picture 1 picture 2 picture 3picture 4

4.1 Power off the machine and check the power wire ,fuse and power button (picture 1)

4.2 Power off the Vacuum Gauge ,check if the vacuum pump working ,manually press the vacuum gauge button (picture 2)

And at this time ,the vacuum chamber won’t press down ,check if the suction port suck vacuum (picture 3).                                             

4.3 Press the on/off button about 3 seconds ,when you release , the vacuum chamber will open at the same time. Adjust the pressure regulator to enhance the pressure . (picture 4)

4.4 After lamination ,if there will still be some bubbles on it and the bubble removing machine can not clean all .Then you can pull out the pressure regulator and turn it clockwise direction to enhance the pressure .The pressure will be different from different touch screens .







5 The function for each part

1: Pressure Gauge :Indicate the current vacuum chamber pressure under seal

2: Pressure Gauge :Indicate the current inside vacuum chamber pressure which will press the screens directly

3: Valve : Adjust the opening and close speed of vacuum chamber

4: Valve : Adjust the inner side of vacuum chamber laminating speed on the screens

5:Vacuum Gauge :Indicate the current vacuum degree in the vacuum chamber

6/7 Start Buttons : press at the same time , the machine will start to work

8: Pressure adjustment valve : Adjust the opening and close pressure of vacuum chamber (the vacuum gauge will change accordingly )

9:Pressure adjustment valve : Adjust the inner side of vacuum chamber laminating pressure on screens (the vacuum gauge will change accordingly )

10: Power switch : The power button for the machine

11: Time controller : Adjust extraction vacuum time

12: Time controller : Adjust the lamination time under vacuum


13: Time controller : Adjust the releasing vacuum time

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