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Whole operation process for full set of OCA Devices

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Below is the whole process of how do our machines work ad the detailed steps ,this is for an iphone repair .just for your reference .Our machines are fit for smasung galaxy ,blackberyy ,HTC ,LG etc ,all of the touch screens in the market under 7 inch will be okay .

Step 1 :Semi-automatic lcd separator :  put the broken part on the machine and set-up temprature to 80℃---90℃,after temprature is okay , fasten the broken part and start to separate the front panle glass from touch screen and LCD ,take out the broken part

Step 2:Glue Removing Machine : connect electricity ,set-up the temprature to 200 ℃,put the separated touch screen on the machine ,make alignment ,and then press down the upper handle , the blade will start to wipe the glue on the touch screen .Please notice that , the cable on the touch screen can not be touched by the blade ,otheriwise it will be damaged .And this machine is pre-set well by Axis ,so you do not need to worry about that if the touch screen will be destroyed by too much strength .

Step3 :Manual laminator for OCA Polarizer : After the above step , the glue is cleaned clearly besides there will remain a little around the cable ,because you did not touch this place in last step .But it's okay ,just use a small knife to remove the remain glue .Then get a new front panel glass and a new OCA ,first put the OCA on the upper part of the machine ,make alignment , make sure that the left side of OCA edge is on the middle part of the roller on the machine ,and the front side of OCA egde matches with the machine inner line .Put the front panel glass on the right place of the bottom panel of the machine ,and then put down the upper part .This machine has 2 more Millimeter measurements ,one is for you to adjust the front panel glass from left to right and one is for you to adjust the front panel glass from back to front .So after you put down the upper part , you will see how does the OCA matches with the front panel glass ,if they can not match perfectly ,adjust the place of the front panel glass by using the measurements .The vacuum pump will help you to suck the front panel glass in the exact place , so there will be no any sways ,finally pull out the front panel glass quickly to the Parallel right side by using the longer screw in the device ,at the same time ,your left hand will need to hold the upper part the roller flatly and then the OCA will be on the front panel glass Naturely .Make sure that there is no bubbles left on it .For more details , please check our demo videos .And this step will need to practice for several times ,after you obtain the skills ,you will do it very easily .

Step 4 :Use a mold to put the front panel glass together with the touch screen part and make alignment manually .

Step 5 : Put the whole part in the OCA Vacuum laminator machine ,all of the valves for this machine is pre-setup well for you ,just press those 2 start buttons at the same time ,after 15 seconds , the vacuum chamber  will Bounce automatically .Get out the part , you will see that the whole part is laminated flatly and tightly with less bubbles .

Step 6 ,Put the finished part in the autoclave bubble removing machine ,set-up the tempeture to 45℃ and time to 15 mintutes .The machine will allow you to put around 20pcs touch screen parts at one time .After 15 mintutes , you will get a perfect refurbished new part for your phone 

Step 7 : Laminator for iphone bezel frame : Only iphone will require this step to laminate the bezel frame .Please kindly note that our bezel frames are with glue re-pasting on it , so you do not need to use any glue on it , just put the bezel frame on the screen and put them together in the customized mold ,make perfect alignment (3pcs molds will come with the machine , one for iphone 4 4s , one for iphone 5 5s ,and one for iphone 5c) .And of course , this machine will need to set-up tempature as well , to 170 ℃ ,after reaching this degree , just put the mold on the device and press the handle down for 3--5 seconds .And taking it out , you will find that the middle part of the screen do not have high tempature ,just the upper and lower part of the screen has , that means the machine won't make any damage to the touch screen of the phone .

Finally you will get a perfectly refurbished new phone .

For samsung , it is the same process , the only difference is that you will need to separate the middle frame first , just heat-up and then use the alcohol liquid to make the glue not pasting anymore and split it .The following process will be the same with iphone.And for samsung , you do not need to use the laminator for bezel frame .

The full set of the devices will need 2pcs vacuum pumps and 1pcs air compressor ,1pcs vacuum pump for manual laminator for OCA Polarizer and 1pcs vacuum pump for oca vacuum laminator .And bubble removing machine and OCA Vacuum laminator will share 1pcs air compressor will be okay , please find more details below .


Video for Whole operation :

Video for each step operation :

Video for how we connect the vacuum pump and air compressor with OCA Vacuum laminator and bubble remover :


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